Minecraft Server Can't Keep Up

Minecraft Server Can't Keep Up

If you find yourself doing too much at once in Minecraft, traveling too fast, or playing with too many people at once, you may get the error:

Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 3888ms or 77 ticks behind.

This error is the result of server-side lag and can be addressed by increasing your servers' computing resources, optimizing your servers configuration, or avoiding/ removing excessive lag in-world.

What is Server-Side Lag? 

Lag is the delay in communication between a server and a client. While lag is something everyone faces all the time, we usually only talk about lag when someone feels it. Lag is measured in Ticks per Second (TPS) and when it drops too low, the user begins to feel it.

In the case of Minecraft, server-side lag often results in blocks loading slowly, newly mined blocks reappearing, and other in-world oddities. It can slow combat and even give players or mobs an unfair advantage. This is due to the fact that Minecraft will skip ticks to catch up. 

Option 1 - Increase Your Servers' Resources

One of the easiest and fastest options is to simply upgrade your plan. While we have done our best to create plans that will cover most users' needs, we completely understand that some users may need to customize them from time to time.

In fact, if you pay for a plan and decide to invite a few extra friends over one weekend, just give us a heads up. We can temporarily increase your servers resources at little to know charge at all.

If you need a more permanent increase, you can either upgrade your plan or add additional resources such as CPUs or RAM for just a few dollars at resources. 

Option 2 - Optimize Your Server Configuration

While there are many ways to optimize your server's configuration, the most common optimizations include:
  1. Limiting players View Distance
  2. Set spawn limitations

Option 3 - Tackle In-Game Issues

In Minecraft, there are several things that can cause excessive lag with little user benefit. Some, such as creating lag machines can be avoided with server limitations. Others simply require planning. Common optimizations include:
  1. Limiting the number of entities allowed in the same space.
  2. Using a land generation tool to pre-generate key areas if you want to create a seamless experience for a large number of users who may explore a lot and travel fast.
  3. Avoiding the creation of exessive moving water/ lava, and massive explosions.

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